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Thursday, August 11, 2005

LILT - Liberals in Love with Totalitarianism

Sleeper, awake!
Nick Cohen writes in the London Observer of coming to his senses after 44 years in the fantasyland of the Left.
I'm sure that any halfway competent political philosopher could rip the assumptions of modern middle-class left-wingery apart. Why is it right to support a free market in sexual relationships but oppose free-market economics, for instance?

I could add a couple of other "for instances": the case of the so-called "liberal" Left in Australia demanding both the maintenance of compulsory student union fees and the imposition of the Kyoto restrictions, while advocating complete freedom of choice when it come to sexual expression and abortion... or even the compulsory imposition of union fees upon all teachers in the State education system.

Meanwhile we continue to witness the spectacle of LILT - Liberals in Love with Totaliarianism. In the past this involved an inordinate fondness for the totalitarianisms of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot but is now focussed upon an inability to do anything more than wring their hands, blame the West and apologise for the totalitarianism of Islamofascism.

7:47:00 pm