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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Stupid Broadcasting Service

Tonight I was feeling a little restless, so in a moment of boredom I carelessly flicked on Australia's own paean to all things leftist and multicultural, SBS (Special Broadcasting Service). I used to be quite a devotee of SBS as I was of the ABC. I guess I considered myself "special", an elitist who despised the mind-numbling pabulum dished out to stupify rather than enlighten the masses as they sat glued to their sets watching Home and Away, Neighbours and Big Brother on the commercial networks. But not the road to mass media serfdom for me. I turned on the TV for the "serious" documentaries about issues and news, "explored" and "analysed" on the public and semi-public broadcasters by skilled and professional commentators who had honed their skills in journalism as media consultants and "researchers" to various Labor party figures. I was sort of like those guys who only read Playboy magazine "for the articles"... and who only watch SBS for the documentaries and not for the sexy foreign movies...

But the halcyon days of carefree youth came to an end and thanks in part ot the Blogosphere I consigned both SBS abd ABC to a lowly place in my own private dustbin of media history. I don't seem to be suffering any withdrawal pains or pangs of regrets even when colleagues ask me "Did you see that really, good program on SBS/ABC last night about... how Bush/Howard/Blair/the CIA/the FBI/the industrial-military complex/right wing/redneck/Christian/homophobic/neocon/sexist/racist/greedy/fat/Republican/capitalists are conspiring to... " and I have to say "No I didn't. Did I miss something?" But I never do.

SBS and the ABC are as elitist as the commercial broadcasters are plebian. Both networks are taxpayer-supported and government-sanctioned enterprises that deal in left/liberal agitprop big time. And tonight was no exception. Lo and behold here was another European documentary (this time French) cranking up the usual leftist paranoia machine about the dangers threatening the lifestyle of those Americans hedonists just like us - i.e. the liberal elites who make these kind of "documentaries" for the liberal elites who view them on stations like SBS.

And the evil empire? - moralists in the Christian Coalition who are pulling the strings of Bush and the Republicans to implement measures that would destroy the very foundation of modern civilisation, which is the right to have unrestricted, unrestrained sexual activity with anyone at any time, at any age, of any gender, as long as it feels good and no one is hurt - unless they specifically ask to be.

According to the French film-makers, the Christian Coalition is represented by a busload of middle-aged and elderly mid-western couples and spinsters with blue rinses who use their ill-gotten funds from a lifetime of capitalist exploitation (i.e hard work) to come to Washington to fund right-wing spivs who have the the ear of good ol' boy Republican senators and congressmen in order to bring about the total destruction of the greatest achievements of human civilisation: 1)the sexual revolution and 2)the right to dispose of any unwanted spawn that results from the exercise of the first revolutionary right.

Once upon a time conspiracy theories were a fixture of the extreme right wing, nowadays they are almost solely the prerogative of the left. In fact being a leftist pretty much means being under the sway of any number of outlandish conspiracy theories at any one time. The mainstream media is the official outlet for these leftist conspiracies and paranoid fantasies, none more so than the "public" broadcasters. Turn on SBS any night, or the ABC, and you will see that the end of the world as we know it is imminent and that Bush and Blair but not Kim Jong-il or Osama Bin Laden, Christians but not Muslims, capitalists but not communists, traditionalists but not radicals, Western white men but not black African dictators or Islamofascist terrorists, suburbanites but not inner city cliques, family and pro-life groups but not feminists or homosexual activists, are the enemy.

The shrill cries of "Non!" from the outraged French film-makers still reverberates in my head hours after viewing. And that pretty much sums up my own right as a viewer. To SBS I say "Non!" and go to bed to read a good book.

Frustratingly my taxes still go to help finance these house organs of the left.

11:42:00 pm