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Sunday, June 19, 2005

that liberal thing you do

Here’s the thing. And it’s a disturbing thing. Or should be. As far back as I reach and as much as I rack my brain trying to find the exceptions, the few that come to mind only prove the rule that most persons who strongly advocate left-wing, small "l" liberal views are self-righteous, opinionated and aggressive bigots who lack any real understanding or tolerance of those who don’t share their assumptions, prejudices and presumptions.

I know this is a very sweeping and controversial judgment. But I make it because it represents both my experience and my observation. Consider the field in which I have worked for nearly 25 years – one employing tertiary educated professionals. It is without fail liberal/left views and positions that are always most loudly and aggressively pushed, and most disturbingly, assumed to be the received wisdom and default position of all reasonable, intelligent, informed persons. In such an environment liberal advocates feel they have an absolute right, one overtly encouraged by the prevailing zeitgeist, to push their own political – and everything to them is "political" - hobby horses. The enemies are tradition, stability, and always but always – Christianity.

In this worldview conservative and traditional views are considered extreme or reactionary or beyond the pale. I have seen this principle operating at all levels and in all manner of professional contexts. This mindset is so entrenched that most of the conservative Christians I have encountered - and most conservatives I have met over the years are in fact Christian or at least "religious" - are very careful to keep their Christian views out of their professional dealings, and to act as prudently and circumspectly as possible to prevent their political, religious and social views from colouring their professional duties or limiting their prospects of advancement. Indeed many of them feel the need to hide their deepest beliefs from others so as not to offend - or to avoid persecution. But the other side feels free to make overt socio-political comments and advocate left-wing agendas at every opportunity including in their dealings with the impressionable young clientale we work with. In collegiate situations it is not uncommon for stereotypical anti-Christian jibes and derogatory epitaphs to be openly expressed, or if not openly, to be strongly insinuated.

In social situations these same "caring and concerned liberals" frequently express dumbfounded and shocked reactions to anyone else who voices, however carefully, conservative points of view, or dares to defend a conservative leader. Most such "liberals" cannot even conceive of a similarly well educated, professional, "thinking" person having any other view that the received left-wing one. Thus, in an age of politically correct tolerance, openness and multiculturalism with its celebration of difference, it is a chilling revelation that the strongest advocates for such an agenda apparently lack any ability and courtesy to appreciate that others may come to a position that does not march in lockstep with the "correct" view espoused by the academic Left and the "serious" media, and faithfully parotted by the self-appointed cultural elites.

The only thing worse than a bigot, is a liberal bigot. And most of the "educated" bigots I have met are "loud and proud" liberals. Intellectual bullies. This is not just a philosophical musing; it is a real world fact.

The values and beliefs that built Western society and civilisation over millennia of painful growth are now eagerly trampled in the dirt by the very people who have most benefitted from this heritage. And like spoilt brats they are filled with hate and self-loathing, lashing out at the hand that feeds them, decrying all that is tried and true, conventional and traditional, always tearing down, never building up, yet forever shouting "Peace! Peace!" when there is no peace, and dreaming utopian fantasies that are doomed because they have forgotten the first principles and the most important things. But perhaps what is most disturbing is that many of them are ignorant of history, raw and undeconstructed history as it really happened to real people. Why worry about facts when a slogan or ideological point-scoring will suffice. Link this with a lack of ability for honest self-examination and genuine reflection and you have a tragic tale. The modern liberal is a scholar’s parrot. Even a scholar’s parrot may talk Greek... but to what avail?

10:49:00 pm