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Sunday, June 05, 2005

by the people, for the people, of the people

Another condescending left-wing academic is set loose on the public with a blast of typical illiberal elitist rhetoric.

Associate Professor Judith Armstrong, a fellow of the Contemporary European Research Centre at Melbourne University comes down from her ivory tower to lecture selfish French and Dutch voters on their failure to toe the party line:

Europe squanders its chance...

...a clear majority of the supposedly civilised French and Dutch populations have put fear and self-protection ahead of global balance. If, as the adage goes, education is wasted on the young, it is tempting to wonder whether democracy is not wasted on voters.

Armstrong, of course, isn't just tempted. Like many contemporary "liberals" she actually despises democracy because it allows ordinary people to express politically-incorrect views that may run counter to the "trust us, we know what's best for you" elitist agenda. Most of the indignation and venom in her article is actually reserved for the heinous crime of "supposedly civilised French and Dutch" acting like - Americans!

You see, for these folks, it's always about the Americans, isn't it...

10:58:00 am