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Monday, May 30, 2005

"practice not preaching makes perfect"

...but getting them to practice what you preach is another matter. It's an old, old story with a new politically-correct twist.

Anne Barbeliuk reports in The Mercury that

A huge rise in sexually transmitted diseases in Tasmania has prompted health authorities to...

[Hmm, I wonder what the "health authorities" are going to do? Wait for it... this could be a revelation... are you ready... but I guess you know what's coming... yes...]

...urge young people to practise safe sex.

I note the unfortunate use of the word "urge" here. They have been urging that same mantra for twenty years now with negative results in the "urge" department so, hey, why not continue with the same failed program.

But I wonder why the same "health authorities" don't run a safe smoking program, or even a safe drink-driving campaign?

Further elaboration comes from ABC News which dutifully reports that:

Tasmanian health authorities are developing a new education campaign to combat a massive rise in chlamydia cases.

[Sigh. Another social problem, another educational campaign foisted on schools...]

According to Dr Maree O'Sullivan from the State Government's Sexual Health Service what this "new" cutting-edge "education campaign" involves is a startlingly radical prescription:

"We're actually looking at doing a safe sex slogan campaign getting young people and hopefully mainly men between the ages of 14 and 24 to come up with slogans that are actually relevant to them, in language that's relevant to them," she said.

That's what we need! And more relevant slogans at that. (Didn't Dr O'Sullivan just play the old "relevance" card twice in one sentence?) Remember the last relevant slogan they got young people to come up with:

If it's not on, it's not on.

Apparently, it didn't work...

What was it Santayana said about people who redouble their efforts after forgetting their aims?

Dr O'Sullivan notes a rise in "risky sexual practices" - but in a completely non-judgmental way, of course. Apparently she wishes young people would opt for less risky sexual practices but I don't like her chances of getting the "young men" who are her main target to embrace the new staid sex.

Back to the drawing board, I think Doctor!

What about this one: Sex can kill... unless you remain faithful to one likewise faithful partner?

Or this one: Risky sex - the sex you have when you're not having a committed monogamous relationship

No, too puritanical, too judgmental and too emotional.
Shades of the infamous Grim Reaper advertising campaign at the height of the Aids scare that told us we were all going to die unless we wore condoms twenty-four hours a day...

Or too much like this PC faux pas committed by Discover magazine around the same time that really gave sodomy a bum rap.

Oh, but then death and disease only applies to smoking and and drink-driving, don't they?

8:44:00 pm