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"These are the days when the Christian is expected to praise every creed except his own." G.K.Chesterton

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Monday, March 14, 2005

That'll Teach 'Em

It isn't hard to do but someone has revealed "progessive" education's dirty little secret:

Slattsnews: Living, learning history

Shock! Horror!

"...lazy, ideologically driven policies have denied a generation a proper education."

They can't read anything more demanding than comics (oops "graphic novels"), cannot spell, punctuate, or string two written sentences together in a coherent manner; cannot add, subtract, multiply or divide without a calculator, cannot find their own country on a map, let alone Iraq or Afghanistan, but teenagers (oops "young adults") of today can spend years in an educational system in order to become "lifelong learners" so that they "express themselves", "know their rights" and "confront the issues that impact upon their lives" through creative dance, rap music videos, immersion in "cultural studies" and participation in "excellence in sport programs".

After having spent a significant proportion of their time at high school viewing endless DVDs for the purpose of "movie appreciation", messaging their friends on their mobile phones, surfing the web in order to download ring tones or send Hotmail messages, and cutting & pasting to produce travel brochures of their favourite holiday destination for "assessment" purposes, they can confirm that the ten commandments were an Irish rock band, that abstinence apparently doesn't "work" with sex, but it does with smoking, drugs and eating at McDonalds, and that George Bush - the leader of the said Iraq - is the most evil man in the world. That's progress for you... indeed that's a microcosm of the whole "progressive" agenda in a nutshell.

Addendum: I know, I know. Since time immemorial "older folks" have been whingeing about "the young people of today" and bemoaning "the loss of standards, respect and values". This state of affairs was most brilliantly satirised in a Monty Python sketch.

But anyone who knows anything about history knows that that societies and civilisations not only rise and prosper, but also decline and fall... Before forces from without complete its destruction there is often a prolonged period in which a loss of moral purpose and vision within sows the seeds of the dissolution and deconstruction(sic) of a society. Now that Education is firmly enscounced as the popular panacea for all society's ills, what happens when that "education" ("Is there a perceived social problem? Then let's introduce another program into the curriculum to address it!") is part of the sickness and not the cure?

No prophet is ever welcomed in his own backyard.

history repeats itself.
has to, no one listens

9:57:00 pm