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Friday, January 21, 2005

working class blues redux

Via Tim Blair comes this follow-up on the misadventures of young members of the proletariat aspiring to political office with the Australian Labor[sic] Party.

Rodney Cavalier, a former New South Wales education minister, who these days is a "Labor Party historian and commentator" speaking on ABC radio:
So you have, therefore, an entire generation of people who have never worked, from the day they left school, going into university. Graduating or not graduating, and never worked for anyone but the Labor Party, a minister, a member of Parliament or a trade union. Now, if you think that that is adequate preparation for public life, good luck to you.

The evidence is overwhelming that it does seem to be considered more than adequate preparation for public life in the party of the working class these days. In fact, it seems to have always been considered adequate, judging by the socialist propensity over the decades for non-working educated elites ("intellectuals") to appoint themselves to the leadership of the proletarain masses enroute to the brave new world of the great workers utopia. Just consider Messrs Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Pol Pot, and that poster boy of the left currently undergoing a renaissance with a new generation, Che Guevara...

4:21:00 pm