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Sunday, November 07, 2004

"Poor, poor pitiful me"

Dean E. Murphy reports on left coast leftists feeling left out

While the American heartland found great comfort in the president's re-election, there was melancholy and stunned disbelief in San Francisco and other cities along the avowedly left West Coast.

"There is a sense of helplessness that we couldn't tip the election in any way," said Mayor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, who helped to push gay marriage into the national spotlight. "We couldn't do it rhetorically or in an actual vote. You feel powerless."...

"It just made me cry," Terry Mitchell, 54, an audiologist in Oakland, said of Mr. Bush's re-election...

...Jennifer Sloan, 29, was so incensed about Ohio's support of Mr. Bush that she had considered canceling her mother's visit. Ms. Sloan's mother was arriving in San Francisco on Wednesday from Alliance, Ohio, where she lives and where she voted for Mr. Bush.

"I am depressed, but I am also just really angry at the rest of the country's ignorance," Ms. Sloan said.

Down the coast in Santa Monica, another place often referred to as a people's republic, the mood was no better. A man named Jerry Peace Activist Rubin sat in his stockings in his dark apartment, flummoxed and disoriented, taking condolence calls from well-wishers and rank-and-file left-wingers.

Mr. Rubin is the real-deal California liberal - part-time vegetarian, cat lover, sensitive to cigarette smoke. He says he has never owned a car, never had a credit card or a driver's license; he lists peace activist as his occupation.

Mr. Rubin had been convinced that after four years of the Bush presidency, the country would come around and see things as he and other far-left coasters see them.

Instead, he admitted with bitterness, the election appeared not to be a repudiation of Mr. Bush's foreign and economic policies, but rather values associated with hippies, gay activists, atheists and double-latte liberals who populate his city and many others on the lip of the Pacific Ocean.

"Maybe I'm on the wrong side of the culture war," Mr. Rubin said.


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