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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Spin cycle goes into overdrive

As predicted the spin doctors of the Australian left have "chucked a wobbly". Foaming at the mouth and spitting uncontrollably they have turned on the Australian people - or at least that majority of the Australian people who don't live in trendy inner city apartments or in tree houses in the rainforests. The spin is in: the people are to blame because they are greedy, selfish, apathetic and ignorant - i.e they don't share the left's politically correct socialist agenda.

Here's one random sample from the Australian newspaper:

Greens blame greed, ignorance

VOTER ignorance, greed and apathy returned the Coalition to government, a South Australian Greens MP said today. Kris Hanna, a former state Labor backbencher who joined the Greens last year, today said he was disappointed with the majority of Australian voters.

"(Labor Leader Mark) Latham did his best to offer an alternative but too many Australians were not discerning or caring enough to vote (Prime Minister John) Howard out," Mr Hanna said.

"John Howard appealed to people's ignorance, greed and apathy.

"With his vote-buying strategy and tactics of fear, he relied on many Australians voting out of self-interest."

Mr Hanna said Mr Howard had continually lacked honesty, citing his handling of the children overboard affair, the war in Iraq and his "ridiculously dishonest" campaign on interest rates.

"Under Howard's leadership tens of thousands of innocent people died in Iraq," he said.

"Thousands of innocent refugees (have been) incarcerated.

"Magnificent ancient forests (have been) decimated.

"This is what Howard stands for and this is what Australians have endorsed out of ignorance and apathy.

"Too many voters have taken the attitude of 'I'm all right Jack'."


The Greens, of course, should be more accurately labelled as The Reds, as they represent the loony left in Australian politics - as opposed to the regular left. Their neo-pagan worship of nature is really just a handy cover for a range of policies from the far left fringes of the socialist brave new world.

Yes, you're certainly not all right, Kris...

You're "disappointed with the majority of Australian voters".

In fact you have got some big problems... not the least your holier-than-thou superior elitist disdain for democracy.

11:39:00 am