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Friday, October 01, 2004

If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me...

Every woman has a beautiful body, beautiful because it is the brilliant end-point of a million years of evolution.

zoologist Desmond Morris

Mary Wakefield writing in the Guardian finds this "creepy"; she is not overly impressed with Morris' celebration of what he calls "the most fascinating subject in the world - the naked woman".

[T]he various hypotheses sometimes read like a sophisticated after-dinner game for pop anthropologists. In his chapter on hair, Morris speculates that women have long head hair because when they were aquatic apes, it gave their babies something to hang on to as they swam around. Well OK, but prove it. Find me a remnant of aquatic mummy-ape flippers.

Memo to Mary: Don't ask a Darwinian to prove his speculative fantasies. He will only end up denouncing you as a closet creationist.

The zoologist Desmond Morris's latest book, The Naked Woman, poses an important question about human beings: how can one man write so much about the same subject? Since his bestseller, The Naked Ape (1967), Morris has written 38 books, with such titles as Manwatching: a Field Guide to Human Behaviour; The Human Zoo; The Human Animal: a Personal View of the Human Species; Bodywatching: a Field Guide to the Human Species.

Memo to Mary: Propaganda, perhaps?

It's the same old argument that Richard Dawkins propagated in The Selfish Gene, secular Britain's creed: human traits can be explained with reference to how they helped primitive man survive in the wild. Men fancy curvy women because big hips mean easy childbirth. We laugh because apes emit a laugh-like panting sound during group bonding games. That sort of thing.

Memo to Mary: That sort of thing is all part of the dogma of Darwinian faith. Some other Darwinian guys even wrote a book explaining rape in evolutionary terms... but they were sent to bed without any dinner for being such naughty, wicked boys.

8:02:00 pm