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Friday, October 22, 2004

Con chucks a wobbly

Australian Labor Party candidate and former long-term sitting member of Parliament, Con Sciacca, has finally conceded defeat in the closely fought Queensland seat of Bonner to his Liberal Party opponent Ron Vasta. Unlike many of those on the Left of Australian politics and the media, Con accepted the judgment of the people gracefully - but then blew it by lashing out with a bitter and irrational diatribe against... the Family First party!

In Con's world Family First is a "dangerous" "fringe party" of the "religious right" that has "no place" in Australian politics. Like many other losers on the Left in this election, Sciacca has reserved a fair share of venom for this small party running in its first campaign.

There was no mention in Con Sciacca's outburst about fringe parties of the left (like the Greens) being "dangerous" or "having no place" in Australian politics. This, despite his warning to his fellow Labor party members that they should avoid swinging to the left and to stick to the middle-ground if they want to be electable!

A look at the Australian Electoral Commission's website shows that in Sciacca's electorate Family First and the Greens received roughly the same number of votes:


WHEELER, William------------Citizens Electoral Council----------449---0.58
VASTA, Ross-------------------Liberal------------------------34,184--44.15
MYATT, Barry------------------One Nation----------------------1,428---1.84
SCIACCA, Con----------------Australian Labor Party-----------33,089--42.74
HUNT, Trevor------------------Family First--------------------3,375---4.36
SMITH, Chad------------------Australian Democrats-------------1,084---1.40
JENKINS, Elissa---------------The Greens----------------------3,811---4.92

Actual Two Candidate Preferred Result (TCP Votes Counted: 94.00%)

VASTA, Ross--------Liberal-----------------50.53
SCIACCA, Con-------Australian Labor Party--49.47

It is only Family First that Sciacca singles out for abuse and villification. Why?

I suggest two reasons:

1. Because Family First is founded and largely supported by Pentecostal and Evangelical Christians it has therefore, in the eyes of many, no right (sic) to exist. It seems such Christians should not be seen and certainly not heard, nor should they exercise their democratic right to participate in the electoral process, and neither should electors exercise their democratic right to vote for candidates who stand for policies based upon orthodox Judeo-Christian values and principles.

2. A case of sour grapes: Con Sciacca was defeated because the Liberal Party picked up the majority of Family First preferences offsetting the Greens preferences that flowed to him.

On the one hand Con Sciacca can read the writing on the wall - the Australian electorate still largely supports conservative values - but on the other he attacks a grassroots party that upholds those very same values. That's the way it goes these days.

5:42:00 pm