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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

the beginning of the spinning

Ever since last weekend's surprise drubbing in the Australian federal election of Mark Latham and the Australian Labor Party by Prime Minister John Howard and his Liberal/National Coalition, leftists and elitists have been in a state of denial. They have resorted to poring forth a screed of self-righteous moralising rhetoric against the "greed" "shortsightedness" and "selfishness" of those "uncaring" ordinary Australians living in the suburbs, provincial towns and countryside who voted strongly in favour of the exisiting government and its policies. Unlike the compassionate and socially concerned leftists themselves of course - you know, the inner urban cogniscenti and their rural retreat dwelling celebrity mates who consider themselves the apex of human enlightenment and evolution.

From Phillip Adams on down the spin has begun. Open the letters page or the opinion page of any major Australian newspaper and one will be confronted with rants and rages (what Australians call whinges) from shell-shocked, bitter and twisted leftists cursing their fellow Australians for not voting the "correct" way, that is, the way that they, their "betters" in academia, the media, and among the trendy deem they should.

For people who largely dismiss the idea of absolute morality these folks are engaging in an inordinate amount of moral hectoring and badgering of the majority of the Australian electorate.

A couple of tertius' favourites include Australia's most vocal atheist, the aforementioned media "personality", Philip Adams, praying to God on the eve of the election not to allow John Howard to win a fourth term in office; the New Zealander who threatens to dust off his New Zealand passport and return to the Land of the Long White Cloud cuckooland (Bet he doesn't...); and the woman who wrote to the Courier-mail newspaper in Brisbane demanding that compulsory voting (as required by Australian law) be scrapped because the "wrong" sort of people get to vote - and she was deadly serious - as only those on the loony left can be...

My advice to them is to get over it. Quit the spin doctoring, the finger wagging and the moralising: this is what happens in democracies. The fact is that this time round the Australian electorate convincingly rejected the left, opting instead for a fourth term by the conservatives.

So, if you believe in democracy even half as much as you claim that you do, stop the whingeing at ordinary Australians who don't share the left's "enlightened" worldview - and stop denouncing your fellow countrymen and women as heartless, ignorant, greedy, selfish, fundamentalist-leaning, mortgage-belt dwellers.

Note: mortgage belt dwellers - a new term of contempt from those on the left towards anyone who doesn't share their obsessions, eccentricities or "artistic" proclivities.

1:23:00 pm