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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Intellectual Morons: politically correct but factually incorrect

Daniel J. Flynn: Intellectual Morons

When you tether yourself to ideology, you necessarily liberate yourself from facts. You become an intellectual moron.

Example No 1 - Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky is Michael Moore with his brain on steroids. In the late ’70s, he deemed stories of Pol Pot’s killing fields capitalist propaganda. Later, he fantasized a conspiracy between ex-Nazis and U.S. government officials to shape the post-World War II world. Prior to the war on terrorism, Chomsky maintained that the U.S. was “in the midst of apparently trying to murder 3 or 4 million people” in Afghanistan, predicting mass starvation and death. Despite Chomsky’s disastrous track record as historian and prophet, at least one study found him to be cited in scholarly journals in the social sciences and the humanities more than any living person.

Example No. 2 - Alfred Kinsey
Famous sex researcher Alfred Kinsey stacked the sample groups of his surveys with pimps, prostitutes, imprisoned sex offenders, and homosexuals. The late Indiana University professor took pedophiles at their word that their “partners” enjoyed sex. Rather than getting shunned by his peers, Kinsey remains the most cited sex researcher in scholarly journals. His work may have been bad science, but it remains good propaganda.

Example No. 3 - Paul Ehrlich
Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich predicted environmental apocalypse in The Population Bomb. He maintained that “hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death” in the 1970s. When it didn’t happen, he merely delayed the day of reckoning—numerous times. So long as Ehrlich’s prognostications furthered the right agenda, wealthy and influential admirers celebrated him. Foundations awarded him millions of dollars in prizes and grants (including a quarter-million dollar prize from the Heinz ketchup fortune). The Today show invited him to conduct a twelve-part series on the environment. And college professors have pushed the number of his books sold well into seven figures.

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