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Monday, August 23, 2004

website of the month

The latest issue of the American Enterprise Online has a number of superb articles well worth perusing including:

The Media's Fear of God by Chris Weinkopf

Bush is different--a devout, observant, conservative believer. As far as the establishment media are concerned, he might just as well be from Mars. the blue-state, secularized urbanites who dominate most major media, an evangelical--or, for that matter, a devout, conservative religious person of any kind--is truly a foreign creature.

And what do we do with invaders from Mars? Exterminate them of course or, if we are feeling really, really generous, we send them to the Gulag.


Sex, Religion, and AIDS by James K. Glassman

You would think the country that contributes twice as much money to fight AIDS globally as the rest of the world combined, and whose drug companies developed the medicines that stopped the progression of HIV, would get a little applause, or at least respect, at a giant conference on AIDS like the one held in Bangkok in July.

But you would be wrong. The country in question, of course, is the United States, and instead of praise, it got vilification.

Who knew? Read more to find out why.

(Also includes a guest appearance from Hollywood liberal luvvie Rupert Everett, who is keen to show that he is not just a pretty face but also a serious social activist - just like everyone else in Hollywood la la land when they scrape the paint off their faces and take a break frome playing dress-ups.)

6:24:00 pm