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Thursday, August 19, 2004

more mything witches

Here is an update to previous posts about the myth of "the Burning Times":

Recent Developments in the Study of The Great European Witch Hunt by Jenny Gibbons
Since the late 1970's, a quiet revolution has taken place in the study of historical witchcraft and the Great European Witch Hunt. The revolution wasn't quite as dramatic as the development of radio-carbon dating, but many theories which reigned supreme thirty years ago have vanished, swept away by a flood of new data. Unfortunately, little of the new information has made it into popular history. Many articles in Pagan magazines contain almost no accurate information about the "Burning Times", primarily because we rely so heavily on out-dated research...

...When the first trial record studies were completed, it was obvious that early estimates were fantastically high. Trial evidence showed that witch crazes were not everyday occurrences, as literature suggested. In fact most countries only had one or two in all of the Great Hunt.

To date, less than 15,000 definite executions have been discovered in all of Europe and America combined. Even though many records are missing, it is now clear that death tolls higher than 100,000 are not believable.

If 100,000 is not believable what does this say about the figure of 9 million victims once so freely bandied around by pagans, feminists, atheists, rationalists and other anti-Christians? Or the figure of 5 million thrown up by Dan - "All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents, and secret rituals in this novel are accurate" - Brown in his popular potboiler "The Da Vinci Code"?

You may also wish to read answers to the...
Ten Common Errors and Myths about the Witch Hunts, by Brian A. Pavlac, Associate Professor of History at King's College
1. The Witch Hunts were an example of medieval cruelty and barbarism.

2. The Church was to blame for the Witch Hunts.

3. The Witch Hunts specifically targeted women.

4. The Witch Hunts were an attempt at "femicide" or "gendercide," meaning the persecution of the female sex, equivalent to genocide.

5. The Witch Hunts were all alike.

6. Millions of people died because of the Witch Hunts.

7. People condemned during the Witch Hunts were burned at the stake.

8. During the time of the Witch Hunts, witches actually existed and worked magic.

9. In modern usage, the term "Witch Hunt" can be applied to any persecution of a group of people.

10. Modern witchcraft/magick/wicca is a direct descendent of those practices done by people during the Witch Hunts of 1400-1800.

Also check out:
Case Study:The European Witch-Hunts, c. 1450-1750 at Gendercide Watch

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