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Saturday, July 31, 2004

When is a Jew not a Jew? When he's an Israeli.

Politically correct anti-Semitism continues its relentless march into the 21st century:

Janet Albrechtsen writing in the Weekend Australian notes:

If you're Jewish, the UN's anti-Israel bias has always been a health hazard...

The UN General Assembly... is influenced by a large Arab-Muslim bloc and is cheering the result -- not only a slap against Israel but a definition of self-defence that amounts to judicial protection for terrorists.

Israel has been at the pointy end of this kind of UN madness for years. Who can forget the UN being awarded the 2001 Nobel peace prize for its work towards "a better organised and more peaceful world", just a month after the UN world conference against racism in Durban descended into a hate festival against Jews.

The UN system works to legitimate rather than obliterate terrorism. In 2002, the UN Commission on Human Rights [UNCHR] voted 40 to five to support the use of "all available means, including armed struggle" to achieve a Palestinian state. The resolution condemned "mass killings" of Palestinian civilians by Israelis yet said nothing about Palestinian terrorism aimed at Israeli civilians.

But then, as Anne Bayefsky from Toronto's York University points out, UN official pronouncements are all pretty much one-way traffic against Israel. "Over the past 40 years, almost 30 per cent of the resolutions passed by the UNCHR to condemn specific states have been directed at Israel." The UNCHR has not passed a single resolution against China, Syria, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Zimbabwe.

Last year, says Bayefsky, the wider UN bureaucracy produced 22 reports and formal notes on "conditions of Palestinians and other Arab citizens living under Israeli occupation" and the General Assembly passed 18 resolutions criticising Israel. The rest of the world attracted only four country-specific resolutions raising human rights concerns...

Last December, a draft resolution on anti-Semitism -- which would have been the first since the UN's creation -- was pulled in the face of Arab and Muslim objections. Alas, the UN's silence on anti-Semitism has a long history, going back to the 1975 UN General Assembly resolution that declared Zionism is racism.

While the UN gets in a lather over the "enormous" sins of tiny democratic Israel, another Rwandan crisis looms. As usual the UN always gets its priorities right...

10:29:00 pm