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"These are the days when the Christian is expected to praise every creed except his own." G.K.Chesterton

"You cannot grow a beard in a moment of passion." G.K.Chesterton

"As you perhaps know, I haven't always been a Christian. I didn't go to religion to make me happy. I always knew a bottle of Port would do that."C. S. Lewis

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Saturday, June 05, 2004

tertius recommends

I rarely go to the movies these days but here are some recent quality DVDs well worth viewing:

Swimming Pool
8 Women (aka 8 femmes)

(Both by the French director Francois Ozon)
American Splendor
Lost in Translation
Nine Queens (aka Neuve Reinas)
Intact (aka Intacto)
The Princess and the Warrior (aka Der Krieger und die Kaiserin)
by German director Tom Tykwer
Spellbound Not the Hitchcock classic but the documentary about the Spelling Bee
Dog Soldiers
(the best werewolf movie since the glory days of American Werewolf in London, The Howling, and The Company of Wolves...)
The Girl on the Bridge (aka La Fille sur le Pont)
The Pianist
No Man's Land
A Mighty Wind (the boys do for folk music what they did for rock music in Spinal Tap)
Matchstick Men
Nicholas Nickleby
(Rachel Portman's score is an added bonus)
Devil's Playground (not Fred Schepsi's film of the same name from the early '70s but the documentary about Amish teenagers cutting loose during "rumspringa")

And of course:
Master and Commander
LOTR: The Return of the King

OK movies (at least one thumb up):
The Passion of the Christ
The Mothman Prophecies
(Could have been great but let down by the corny Hollywood ending)
Cypher (NB the alternate ending is superior)
Cube 2
Peter Pan
The Crimson Rivers (aka Les Rivieres Pourpres)
Johnny English
Phone Booth
(especially the ending)
The Four Feathers (the 1939 original NOT the remakes)
Pirates of the Caribbean (for Johnny Depp's performance)
The Man on the Train (aka L'Homme du Train)
Ring 2 (aka Ringu 2) Superior sequel to the overrated cult horror film The Ring; the Hollywood version of The Ring is also - surprisingly - a vast improvement, and thus recommended also.
The Deep End

Baaaad Movies (two thumbs down):
Cabin Fever (the horror film not the equally bad "comedy" of the same name)
28 Days Later
Dirty Deeds

Then again, life's too short so I try to avoid watching Bad movies...

6:34:00 pm