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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Tolkien and the power of Myth

Brian at Noetica has some pertinent comments to make on the power of religion and myth to touch us deeply and profoundly.
It's interesting how so many people reject, at an intellectual level, a Christian or religious worldview, and yet will accept it at a mythical level. They reject religion in the name of reason, but joyously embrace it when dressed with the imagination. They accept with their hearts, what they reject with their heads. But the heart precedes the head, and myth precedes reason, and so Tolkien has managed to completely bypass people's prejudices and inject in them a saving dose of Reality.

This assessment dovetails with my own observations and experience of the human condition. I have always been powerfully struck by how people who claim vehemently to be ruled purely by reason and logic (e.g. various atheists and other "internet Infidels"), are so often completely captivated by the power of myth and religion, as long as it is cloaked in the guise of Fantasy or Sci-Fi literature, cinema, or computer games.

3:22:00 pm