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"These are the days when the Christian is expected to praise every creed except his own." G.K.Chesterton

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Friday, December 19, 2003

Don't mention the C word

Andrew Bolt writing in the Melbourne Herald Sun courts danger by mentioning the "C" word
In Melbourne's City Square is a big "Christmas" tree, if I may still use that word without being sued under the Bracks Government's religious vilification laws.

At least, I guess it's a "Christmas" tree, because the council is coy about what precisely it's celebrating by putting it up. Nowhere around the tree is there any mention of the word "Christmas", let alone a single cross, manger or angel. There's just a big sign that in tight-bright-smile letters twitters: "Celebrate Me!bourne."

Let me say it again. No, I'm not Christian, but I honour a religion that is deep in our culture, and which has everywhere built societies famed for their freedom, tolerance and wealth.

I also know there are now too few days in the dead-God year when we're asked to think of others, let alone of a man happy to die for the salvation of strangers.

This is why taking the Christ out of Christmas – or, here, removing Christmas completely – is cultural and social vandalism.

Look what it leads to. "Celebrate Me!bourne," the sign says, with red-painted emphasis on Celebrate Me! Yes, kill our celebrations of culture, religion and history – our celebrations of giving and joining – and we're left with "Celebrate Me!". Not us, but me, me, me – to the last echo in that empty room.

Hmm..."Celebrate Me!" as opposed to the celebration of giving and sharing. Sounds like the the left wing secularists in the Victorian government haven't heard of Professor Brook's research on religious faith, giving and community building.

10:13:00 pm