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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

the play's the thing

an infantile theory from an infantile specimen of an infantile species in infantile times?

We knew it was so all along, didn't we? The only real question was, who would jump in first with the breathless announcement? And the winner is this guy. (I bet Richard Dawkins is peeved!)

While conservative groups dismiss homosexuality as "unnatural," a leading zoologist has said gay people could be seen as the "pinnacle of evolution."

Clive Bromhall pontificates that:

"From men's obsession with swollen breasts to our constant search for a pseudoparental God, everything about the human species is infantile.

Like baby chimps, we have soft, downy bodies, flat faces and large, rounded heads. Like them, we too want to be kissed, cuddled and stroked; we remain playful, compliant and comparatively mild-mannered for the whole of our lives.

We've known for years that homosexuality is linked to a playful, creative character.

Homosexuals excel as artists, thespians and other playful, mimetic professions. Being playful is at the heart of being human. It's something that should be celebrated. You could say that homosexuals are at the pinnacle of human evolution."

Bromhall claims that infantilism is rejected by straight people as they age - and that by remaining in same-sex relationships, gay men and women are actually displaying superiority over their peers.

Strangely enough Bromhall's own theory sounds decidedly infantile. After all, what exactly is the evolutionary advantage of homosexuality in the survival of the species...? And what's with this "pinnacle of evolution" thing? Bromhall claims to be a scientist, even a zoologist, but he must have been asleep in evolutionary biology 101...

7:28:00 pm