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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Is banning the Bible next?

Asks Mark Steyn in a must-read article in the Jerusalem Post Internet Edition.

The short answer from tertius: Yes

Steyn gives chilling examples of the increase in legal and political efforts to repress Christians and suppress Christianity. The article does not focus on Islamic countries but upon the many constituencies throughout the enlightened, democratic freedom-loving [sic] West where it is now a "hate crime" to express disapproval of certain acts and to expound the teachings of the Christian faith and the Bible.

Some examples:

The Irish Council for Civil Liberties has warned Catholic bishops that distributing the Vatican's latest statement on homosexuality could lead to prosecution under the 1989 Incitement to Hatred Act, and a six-month jail term.

In Sweden a constitutional amendment has made criticism of homosexuality a crime, punishable by up to four years in jail. Expressing a moral objection to homosexuality is now illegal, even on religious grounds, even in church.

In New Zealand, an appeals court has upheld a nationwide ban on importing a Christian video entitled Gay Rights/Special Rights: Inside The Homosexual Agenda.

In Saskatchewan, The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix was fined by the Human Rights Commission for publishing an advertisement quoting biblical passages opposing homosexuality.

In British Columbia, Chris Kempling, a high-school teacher and a Christian conservative wrote a letter to his local newspaper in which he said that "homosexuality is not something to be applauded." The regulatory body for his profession, the British Columbia College of Teachers, suspended him for a month without pay for "conduct unbecoming a member of the college."

The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association supported the suspension, not because of anything he's done but because "he might discriminate against gay and lesbian students in the future."

In the United States Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee charged devout Catholic, William Pryor, attorney-general of Alabama and President Bush's nominee to the Circuit Court of Appeals, that he deliberately "went so far as to reschedule a family vacation at Disney World in order to avoid Gay Day". (Gay Day is an annual event at Disney World). Pryor agreed: he has two daughters aged 4 and 6 and he and his wife "made a value judgment and changed our plan and went another weekend."

Pryor is thus considered unfit for the position on the Court. He hasn't actually made any anti-gay rulings, "but he might do one day, if he is allowed to go around avoiding gay carousing on his vacations. Best to be on the safe side and vote him down now. And any other Catholics who still take that jazz seriously."

Freedom? Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose...

7:53:00 pm