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Monday, August 11, 2003

avoiding the sin of discriminatory sexual orientationalism

Les Kinsolving at WorldNetDaily asks:

Can we imagine the Episcopal Church's General Convention of 2006?

The Diocese of New York has elected a new bishop who is an active member of the Eulenspiegel Society, nationally headquartered in Greenwich Village. This is the national organization for sadomasochists.

The Rev. I.M. DeSade, of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, has left his wife and two children because he realized that he is a sadist – although, he emphasized, that he never beat his wife or children.

In testimony before a General Convention committee – accompanied by his "companionate loved-one" as he described his companion, masochist Payneis Pleasure, age 50 – Fr. DeSade told the committee:

"I believe that God gives us the gift of sadomasochism so that we might express with our bodies the love that's in our hearts. I love to beat Payneis; and Payneis is here to testify that he just loves to be beaten by me. That is a mutual love that is a sacrament, surely, if God is love...

In my relationship with my partner, I am able to express the deep love in my heart for beating, knowing that Payneis' love of being beaten is unfailing and unquestioning – and he loves me for doing it, just as I love him for taking it. So it's sacramental for me."

8:06:00 pm