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Thursday, July 17, 2003

"I would rather wear a burqa than have my eight-year-old child become a sex object".

Miranda Devine demonstrates why liberals and the rest of the media despise her as "that bitch" and a "right-wing fascist" with her latest piece Generation of taboo breakers are a selfish lot in the Sydney Morning Herald. The truth hurts. I can only say "more power to her" for having the courage to stand up and speak out as western society continues with its death wish "slouching towards Gomorrah".

Some excerpts:

Women like Germaine Greer who want to age disgracefully forget why we need moral laws...

Like Ken Park's director, Larry Clark, Germaine Greer deliberately provokes controversy with the cheapest trick. If there's a taboo left, she'll break it, and since one of the few remaining taboos in Western liberal democracies is pedophilia, that's the arena she's most recently entered.

Her upcoming glossy book, The Boy, full of pictures of "ravishing" pre-adult boys with hairless chests, wide-apart legs and slim waists, is an "art book", Greer, 64, told this newspaper last week...

Once you get over the hypocrisy of the godmother of 1970s feminism salivating over boys as sex objects, you are left with the fact that Greer is using the language of pedophiles. Phillip Bell and Robert "Dolly" Dunn justified preying on troubled little boys with talk of the ancient Greek tradition of man-boy love, as if what they did was beautiful and simply misunderstood by a crude populace...

This is what Greer is toying with. This is what she has lent her name and reputation to.

But the taboo against pedophilia is nothing to her. Like other long-gone taboos, it is just another challenge to the baby boomer generation she slightly preceded but which she helped shape.

The eldest of the boomers are now 57, with crook hips and arthritis. But they still see themselves as the rebels and the taboo-breakers, fighting against the strictures of their parents' generation. It is the young who are supposed to rebel but the baby boomers, selfish and greedy as ever, want to keep such trappings of youth to themselves, along with their groovy hair and taut skin.

Instead of moving over for the young, they expect their children to parent them, Saffy-style a la Ab Fab. Fifty is the new 15, in their minds. Hence we have almost-boomer Demi Moore, buff at 40, as she shows off her toy boy, Ashton Kutcher, 25, giving inspiration to all the Botox-laden, youth-chasing old ladies out there who insist on "growing old disgracefully", in the words of former staid gardening writer Mary Moody...

What a rebel... But what Clark and Greer and Moody and other aged taboo vandals refuse to see is that taboos, or immutable moral laws, were developed for the protection of the most vulnerable members of society. You just have to read prison psychiatrist Theodore Dalrymple's book, Life at the Bottom, to understand that avant-garde throwing off of moral shackles and family "values" by the well-off and educated has had especially disastrous consequences for the British underclass and, of course, children.

But the wreckers in the baby boomer generation have seen taboos as their own toys, trashing the moral capital built up by previous generations and leaving the next generations to pick up the pieces, with the depressing consequences you see in Clark's own films...

But if the ultimate evolution of Western liberal democracy requires the removal of all taboos, the destruction of family life and religion, Greer's sanctioned pedophilia, sexualised children, and padded bras for eight-year-olds, then who wants it?

I would rather wear a burqa than have my eight-year-old child become a sex object.

11:54:00 am