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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

White and alienated - except from the cash

An update...

Gerard Henderson writing in the Sydney Morning Herald effectively skewers a trio of obnoxious know-alls and biters of the hand that feeds them - Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky and our own rising actor/activist, Heath Ledger:

As it turned out, the star of The Pianist was upstaged that night by Michael Moore who won the best documentary Oscar for Bowling for Columbine. He used his international captive audience to deliver a rant about George Bush, declaring his opposition to the war and chanting: "Shame on you, Mr Bush, shame on you."

A memorable performance, to be sure. It's just that Moore gave the impression of having been somewhat miscast. He deserved an Oscar for alienation - a phenomenon best explained as dislike for, or hatred of, an individual's society and its leaders. Alienated types tend to be relatively well-off and well-educated men and women who enjoy the freedoms and riches provided by Western societies and use their status to dump on politicians and, by implication, those who elected them.

The loudest barracker Down Under for Moore is the Perth-born actor Heath Ledger (star of the film Ned Kelly). Like Moore, Ledger seems to believe that abuse is a substitute for argument, hence his claim that the Prime Minister is a "dick". Clever, eh? Interviewed by Andrew Denton on ABC TV's Enough Rope last week, Ledger, in an extraordinarily inarticulate performance (littered with such terms as "screw it" and "you know"), declared that what is at stake in the Gulf is a "fight for oil" and that Australians "should pull out and live a peaceful existence down here". It's as simple as that - just don't mention weapons of mass destruction. Half the audience applauded, the rest remained silent

...The good news is that the alienated condition rarely spreads beyond sections of the well-off and well-educated in Western democracies.The bad news: it is now showing in cinemas near you. Sorry.

Read Henderson's article in full here.

6:02:00 pm