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Monday, April 07, 2003

despots, dictators, demigogues, democidal maniacs... and useful idiots

In several posts now I have written about the sad history of the "useful idiot" syndrome among western liberal intellectuals and opinion leaders, particularly in regard to Communism. The sight of supposedly liberal, democratic, freedom loving, tolerant humanists toadying up to totalitarian regimes (as long as they are on the left) and acting as apologists for their crimes, repressions and denials of basic human rights could only be described as reprehensible, tragic and awful.

Unfortunately the useful idiot phenomenon has not been consigned to the dustbin of history where it always righfully belonged. It is on the rise again throughout the West, particularly in Europe, and especially among that class of persons who have gained the most materially and socially from living in western-style democracies. This time its is not Communism that they are acting as apologists for, but militant and intolerant Islam and the brutal totalitarian regimes associated with it. Of all people, it is liberal secularists, who should most oppose the rise of fanatical, dogmatic and oppressive forces ideologically opposed to everything that post-enlightenment, post-Christian secular Western lifestyle represents. But they don't... Such people seem to be blinded to reality by their own obsessional self-loathing and their focussed hatred for the United States. In this they are no different than the useful idiots of the past.

History repeats itself.
Has to. No one listens.

A strong case can be made that the liberal intelligentsia, through its mouthpieces in academia and the media is once again the willing dupe of forces of oppression and repression in our world. The irony of this is quite chilling: that those who so loudly espouse tolerance, pluralism, humanism and freedom are so willing to consign so many of the world's people to be crushed under the weight of intolerance, enslavement, while reserving most of their invective, rancour and hatred for their own Western values and the one nation, though flawed, that has best manifested the democratic vision in the midst of a world of despots, dictators, demigogues and democidal maniacs - the USA.

But what is even more disconcerting, coming so soon - historically speaking - after the Holocaust, is the resurrection of anti-Semitism in the politically correct form of hatred for the only Middle Eastern democractic country that shares the Western worldview - Israel. The current "peace movement" must bear a large measure of blame and shame for this. Recently French protestors against the war in Iraq have taken to shouting the slogan "Vive Chirac. Stop The Jews!" Dilacelerator writes :

The peace movement has never been known for its moral fortitude, although they have always regarded themselves as morally superior, as if the single-minded pursuit of peace at all cost is the sign of a more advanced intellect. It is in fact the opposite, as it provides a seemingly easy way out of real life dilemmas, and ignores the real life costs of pursuing peace at all cost. The lesson of the 1930's has been completely lost on them. Appeasement does not work. Sometimes the peace won in the short term begets much more serious problems in the long term, but I guess if you're a sophisticated thinker such reasoning can be shot down easily.

But that's just the charitable interpretation, as the so-called "peace" movement has a long history of serving as the useful idiots for foreign regimes guilty of horrific human rights violations. In the 1980's it was the Soviet Union, now it is the likes of Saddam who find support on the left. But these peace-movements, together with the rise in Islamic influence in Europe (see also recent experiences in Denmark) a new element has been added to the "peace" movement's canon: anti-semitism. This has been mirrored by the rise of anti-semitism in the incubators of far-left radicalism on American campuses.

In France the toxic mix of Islamofascism from the Arab immigrants and the anti-Americanism of the French governments is leading to a dangerous environment if you happen to be Jew in France.

As the prophet noted long ago, how easy it is to
"...have healed the wound of my people lightly,
saying, 'Peace, peace,'
when there is no peace."

10:09:00 pm