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"As you perhaps know, I haven't always been a Christian. I didn't go to religion to make me happy. I always knew a bottle of Port would do that."C. S. Lewis

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Monday, July 29, 2002

God-obsessed Atheists

In one of life's little ironies I have discovered that atheists/skeptics/infidels - whatever they call themselves - are among the most God-obsessed people on the planet. The most bizarre term of self congratulation they like to use is "freethinker", as in:

"Hey freethinker, how you doing, dude?"
"Gee, man I really flamed those sick **** xtians!"

(actual text from a "freethinking" egroup)

It's particularly bizarre and funny because one hardly ever sees an original thought from any of them. They seem to always speak in echoes. One has heard it all before. And it wasn't worth hearing the first time. It's always "pink unicorns" and "square triangles" "Could God create a rock he couldn't lift?" "Hitler was a Christian" "What about the Inquisition and the Crusades?" "Jesus never existed" and "even if he did he was just still mostly a legendary dude just like Prometheus, Robin Hood and King Arthur". They all use the same expletives, quote the same "experts" and repeat the same profundities from Thomas Paine or Robert Ingersoll. Or they expend a lot of energy on boyish pranks like sabotaging Christian bulletin boards or making up supposedly hilarious little sayings to use as taglines for their posts. You don't believe me? Ever been to the highbrow end of the market -, and browsed around? Are these guys obsessed or what? What about something from the more populist end of the spectrum - - where the clientele seem to be predominantly teenage misfits in trench coats with a predilection for death metal. Who are these guys kidding? They can't escape from their God obsession. It seems to be all they think about, talk about, and get passionate about.

As for the "Ex-Xtian" perhaps he can't really help himself. When he was a kid Mom and Dad forced him to Sunday school and church on Sundays where he was confronted with a lot of hypocritical, holier-than-thou, repressed killjoys and probably was fondled by the priest. But even then he knew he was a freethinker, he knew that the God issue was too important for these religious bigots to have all to themselves. He wanted in, but on his own terms, and when he got to college, already primed by a heavy dose of pop culture he was ready to cast aside the "heileger geist" for the "zeitgiest" of warmed-over sixties radicalism served up by the aging hippies driving BMWs who acted as his academic and philosophic mentors. (For these “elder statesmen of skepticism” the protest movement was ultimately about the right to remain adolescents eternally; for whom anti-Christian zealotry is a badge of membership of the elitist club of “freethinkers”.)

For people who don't believe in God - sorry, "have no need of that hypothesis" - the atheists (great name for a rock group!) sure do expend an inordinate amount of time and energy filling their heads with thoughts about the uncaused first cause, "She who must be obeyed", “the giant Blue Blancmange", the God who isn't there" etc. And then filling cyberspace with millions of words denouncing a God who by their own definition doesn't even exist in the first place. Isn’t there something inordinately absurdist in this position?

Take - yes, please do - one God-obsessed foot soldier going by the moniker "Emery" I came across on a Christian egroup. (Note this clear sign of the aforementioned obsession, for these guys do spend a lot of time seeking out Christians and Christian sites.) Emery and his mate also run their own site entitled "losing my religion". How one wishes they would indeed lose it or at least misplace it! If Emery had indeed lost his religion and then shut up about it, there would be no problem. But no, he goes on and on and on... like a endless piece of string unwinding, about God and Jesus and Bible-bashing, right-wing, fundamentalist Christians too dumb to even wipe their own... noses - unless some meglomaniacal, mind-warping priest or preacher tells them how to do it.

If the Internet is the doorway to the Information superhighway then ex-Xian atheists are sort of like the religious zealots who come to your door peddling their wares. Of course their religion is the religion of "no religion" which is always the scariest kind of religious obsession. Consider the devastating effects of this "non-religion" on one nation alone - the Soviet Union - in the twentieth century.

And that is not to mention the aforementioned pink unicorns. Would anybody other than a Net atheist/skeptic make pink unicorns the centre-piece of a philosophical position?

These guys have really got a bad case of God mania. They were obsessed with God when they were "Christians", and they are still obsessed with God now they are "ex-Xtians". The bad news is that they will never lose their religion. The worse news for us is that, because they can't, they are going to inflict their obsession upon the rest of us at every opportunity. If they were grown-ups what would they do after they discovered they had been sold a crock in childhood with the whole religion thing? They would have shaken the dust off their feet and walked away from it all, free and clean. Got on with their lives for "you only live once" and "life's too short for regrets" so "eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die"... Failing that they should have at least gone in to therapy to get over it. But no, the atheist is like a dog that won't let go of the bone under any circumstances, even when common sense demands he drop it and run like hell.

Now many Christians are indeed obsessed too - but they have an excuse. They really do believe in God and Jesus. They want to tell everybody about it because they have experienced salvation and forgiveness of sins and it has made them so happy they just want you to know the joy as well. Ad nauseum.

Being obsessed by what you believe is true may be annoying and infuriating to others but it is an understandable phenomenon. But being obsessed by what you don't believe is true, that's is just plain stupid...

I think it would be doing everyone a favour if "born again" atheists actually got on with their lives, after all they are always bragging about how they have finally got a life now they've given the Church the flick. Give the rest of us a break from this obsession with the Big Guy. Leave that obsession to the people who have a right to it - the believers.

10:56:00 am